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God's Wrath

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God's Wrath


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The world of hip-hop has become categorized by violence, sex and drugs. The goal of Unreal is to change that. I want to bring people back to the music by adding fresh beats to meaningful lyrics. Life has taught me that family and friends are the most important things. I hope to portray that through my music.

Inspiration can come from anywhere

As an artist, I know that a variety of sounds and ideas influence each and every popular musician. When I'm writing tracks, I focus on combining uplifting messages with modern sounds. I draw influence from southern and midwestern music styles, as well as artists like:


Big K.R.I.T


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Music has been my passion since I was 10 years old. Through the ups and downs of my life, it's been a constant force for the better. I want to show society that rap isn't all about the themes of drugs, sex and guns. It's about expressing yourself through music. I hope to share my message and my sound with as many people as possible.

Call 903-884-4026 now to order a copy of my album, "God's Wrath", featuring tracks like "I'm A Soldier" and "Get Up Oughta Fear."

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